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Stop Persecuting

Persecution: are there so many Christians doing it? Are you?

Are you accusing people of wrongdoings, while you continue to do wrongdoings yourself? Are you using Jesus to boast yourself and make people feel lower? Are you talking about people? Teasing them? Cussing, claiming to be a Christian and saying you have the right to do this?
No! This is hypocrisy, and it will not be tolerated. Christianity is nothing more than a joke to much people, mainly because some Christians are doing more "talking" and less "hearing". Some are going out in Internet chatrooms, swearing at other people and then boasting their Christianity and all their godly deeds.
This is not right! If you are doing this, then stop immediately! You are doing no one else any profit. You're suppose to follow in the ways of Jesus. Did Jesus ever say f*** you in his own language? Didn't he say, "Anybody who says 'Raca' will be in danger of the council, but whosoever says, 'You fool', shall be in danger of hell fire." (Matthew 5:22)
So please, stop persecuting. This is not just an advice, this is also a warning. It's time to start loving, and no more persecuting. Please, love others, as Jesus loves you. By doing this you are showing that you are His disciple. (John 13:34 - 35)