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Christian Tip Article
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Are You Ready?

Are you ready? If Jesus came today, are you sure you would be taken? Let's see. Check all the boxes that apply to you:

You're reading the Bible and you're trying your best to do as it says.
You trust God to deliver you from evil; you have faith. (John 3:16)
You pray and watch for Christ's return; you expect him to return anytime now. (Luke 21:36)
You love others as you love yourself.
You spread the gospel; you're feeding the other sheeps, including the lost ones.

If you checked at least three of these boxes you can rest assured, and keep performing your duties faithfully, whatever your duty is. If only one or two, you must keep striving to improve. Strive for righteousness and you will be blessed, whether you checked none or five boxes.
Overall, it's good that you have a box checked. The only true way to be assured that you're getting into heaven's gates is to read the Bible. I emphasize that the most. Don't wait tomorrow, or a week, month, or a year later. We don't know when Jesus will return, but are you sure you will be ready when he comes?

"A day late and you wont find us. You better make your mind up before the time is up."