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Prayer: Why It's Important

Imagine if the world has no telephones. You wouldn't be able to talk to your friend. No communication at all. What if your friend had to tell you that you did something wrong at the marketplace and that the police was after you? You wouldn't know. Prayer is communication with God. If you don't pray, then that communication can't exist. Do I go out that door or stay in the house? Do I take this job or refuse it? Can you help me? It's important that you have a relationship with God. Prayer brings you closer. You can talk to him about anything. If there's something troubling your heart pray about it. If you want to seek an answer, talk. Need something from the Lord? Talk. If you need it God's got it, but you got to pray. Not only does prayer give you a chance to talk to God, but it also allows you to receive strength. Jesus said, "...and pray; for the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak."(Matthew 26:41). What does he mean? Does he mean that the flesh is weak? Yes because your flesh will hinder you to do God's work. It will bow down to temptation because it is weak. Your spirit is always willing to do God's will, but since your flesh is weak you will serve temptation. Therefore you must pray to overcome temptation. It will make your flesh and spirit more stronger. If temptation comes your way pray as much as you can because only God can succour temptation.

Remember, when you do pray don't pray proudly and want attention because you do pray. I will cover this more in the Christian Tip Articles of Pride.