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The Prize: Will You Take It?

Are you a newly saved Christian? Are you depressed so much that you have a hard time to pray? This may sound insensitive, but it isn't. GET UP! You have work to do. To you that has just been saved, go out and tell the gospel in every form that is possible. I'm using the Internet, for example, to tell people about God. I'm using this very website to do it. People are seeking for hope and love, and you are the very person to do it. That's correct, YOU! So go out and tell. You will have the prize if you do this. Read your Bible and pray. Find out what the prize is and what you must do to receive the prize. I remember a quote, and you can find it on the Jesus image I use mostly on this website. It says, "I never said it would be easy. I only said it would be worth it." You must seek for that prize more than anything else. You will receive blessings and strength on the way. So go, pray, and read. Are you depressed so much thay you have a hard time praying? GET UP! I, too, became depressed one time. I felt sad because I had too much pride. That's right, pride! Had so much of it, thinking so much highly of myself. I thought of how I could make myself more popular. Big mistake! I was brought down so low when I actually saw myself with so much pride. I was real angry at myself. Of all the stupidest things I ever done, this was it. I was so depressed, and so I started to read the Bible and pray. I wanted to apologize to God for what I did, and to forgive me. I started to read the Bible more so that I can learn to be more humble, and to find out what I should be doing right. I kept reading the Bible, and what all these people in the Bible were doing, and I got kinda depressed because I figured, basically, that I was useless to God. There were other Christians out there, more worthier than I am. Those Christians were more humble than I am, more faithful. Me, I was just real sad and bringing myself down. Once again I decided to pray again. This time I got more of the Holy Ghost, and soon I heard something inside of me. "Nothing's useless. Nobody is useless" and "The smaller play a bigger role." Soon I started to think I wasn't so much useless. I was something. I am worthy to serve God. I received much joy that day. So far no one has taken it, and they can't. I found a beautiful pearl that no one can take from my hands.

When you're depressed seek God. GET UP! That's you're only way. Don't think that you or anyone else is useless to God because what we see as junk, God considers it very important to his operation.