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How Do I Come Closer To God?

Think of a father in a chair, and his son laying in his lap. The son is telling
his father all the problems of the day, but the dad is reassuring hi son that everything is okay.
The son is relazing in his father's arms with ease, no longer fearful of problems because his father says
everything is alright. The son sleeps blissfully in his dad's arms, having no fear because he trust his dad.

God wants to be close with us as a father and son are. He wants to extend his loving hands over you. He wants
to speak to you, to give you wisdom and understanding. But you must want him and be willing to seek him. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

The verse says "seek my face." Why do you think God would say "seek my face"? Because he wants people to come close to him.
He wants people to "marry" him, not "date" him. A marriage takes commitment. Ladies, if a man approached you and says, "Lets have kids.
I don't wnat to marry you, or commit anything. I want to only have kids." Would you have kids with that man? The Israelites kept saying,
"Bless me, bless me", but they were unwilling to follow his laws. Don't just look for God's hands, but seek his face as well. Look for the
Blesser, not just the blessings. Get close to him. Once you sit in his lap, you'll have all the blessings you want.

If you seriously want to "draw nigh unto him," you'll have to search with all your heart, with all your soul, and all your mind." (Jeremiah 29:13)
"Where your treasure is, that is where your heart is." (Matthew 6:21) Your heart will be found inside the treasure that you search for. Think carefully what your treasure is.
Is it money, cars, land, or Jesus? If there was gold under your church, wouldn't you rush and get all the digging tools you had? Wouldn't you work tirelessly and endlessly, only stopping until the gold is in the grasp
of your hands. Guess what, we currently have the tools to search for Christ:

1. Prayer- When seeking for God, you should always
pray so that you can stay focused (Mark 14:38). Without prayer you will fall into temptation. "Little prayer, little power," as a saying goes.
Pray as much as possible, no matter where you are. Don't wait to get home or wait to go to church to pray: pray at your jobs, at school, on the bus, wherever you go.

2. Read- The Bible should be read regularly. Just as praying is important, so is reading the Bible.
Study and apply it to your life (Joshua 1:8). It is a guide that will show how to live correctly. It holds many wise advices.

Finally, purge all the useless "junk" that keeps you from chasing God. turn the television off and pray; put the magazin down and read the Bible; put the Cola down and serve god.
"It is better to pluck your eyes out or cut your hand off than to go to hell because of those eyes or that hand." (Matthew 5:29) This verse somply means that nothing is worth keeping if it interferes with you serving God.
Nothing should stop you from hungering and thirsting for more of God! (Matthew 5:6) When you hunger and thirst for more of God, He will fill you with wisdom and understanding. Joy and peace comes with knowledge also, so you'll have happiness as well.

Seek God and desire to have more of hi. Draw close to Him, and not to His blessings. Look for His "face", not His "hands". Desire to become more closer, and personal, woth Him. He wants to be close to you, but you must be willing to come "nigh unto Him" as well.
Light your heart on fire. Amen.