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Divine Love

Article From WATIKI.COM

the wonderful effects of divine love

i'm a big fan of The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis.  here is one of the more famous chapters from it.


Heavenly Father, Father of my Lord Jesus Christ, I bless You since You have deigned to be mindful of me, poor as I am.  Father of mercies and God of all comfort, I give You thanks for at times refreshing me with Your consolation, undeserving as I am of any and all such gifts.  To You, Father, together with Your only-begotten Son, and the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, I offer praise and glory, now and forever.

Lord God, my holy lover, when You enter my heart everything rejoices within me.  You are my glory and the joy of my heart.  You are my hope and my refuge in the day of my distress.

Because my love is still weak and my virtue still unsure, I especially need Your strength and comfort.  Come to me more often and teach me Your holy ways.  Free me from my evil passions and heal my heart of all disordered love so that once I am interiorly healed and purified I may become more ready to love You, stronger to endure suffering for You, and more steadfast in persevering in You.

Love is something great and truly magnificent.  Love alone makes burdens light and makes uneven loads seem equal.  Love carries its heavy burden without feeling burdened and transforms its bitterness into something sweet and savory.  The love of Jesus is noble and urges us to perform great deeds and excites us always to desire what is more perfect.

Love wishes to soar to the heights and does not want to be tied down here below.  Love wants to fly freely, clear of all earthly attachments, lest its interior vision become dim, clouded by temporal affairs, and eventually succumb under their heavy weight.

There is nothing sweeter than love, nothing stronger, nothing more sublime, more robust, nor better in heaven or on earth; this love comes from God and finds its rest only in Him who is above everything else.

The man in love flies high, runs swiftly, and overflows with joy.  He is totally free for there is nothing to hold him back.  He gives all for all and possesses all in all since he rests in Him who is supreme and from whom all good things proceed and flow.

Love does not dwell on the gifts received but turns directly to their giver.  Love knows no measure but exceeds all measure.  Love feels no burden; it makes light of labour and strives to do more than it is able.  Love considers nothing impossible and sees itself equal to every task.

Love, therefore, can do all things and finds itself successful where others, without love, often faint and fall prostrate.

Love keeps watch, and even while resting it sleeps not; it may be tired but not fatigued; it may feel under pressure, but not crushed; it may be afraid but not terrified.  Like a living flame and burning torch, love always makes its way upward into the open air and blazes forth.

Whoever is in love recognizes love's voice and the most powerful appeal to God is the soul's burning love crying out to Him: "My God, my Love, You are all mine and I am all Yours."

Deepen my love so that I may learn to savour in my inmost being how sweet it is to love, how sweet it is to be dissolved and float on a sea of love.  Let love take possession of me and let me rise far above myself with unheard of fervour and wonder.

Let me sing love's canticle and let me follow You, my Beloved, to the very heights.  Let my soul become lost in praising You and in rejoicing in Your love.  Let me love You more than I love myself, and let me love myself only for the love of You.  In You, let me love all who truly love You as the law of love, which radiates from you, commands me to do.

Love is swift, honest, devout, pleasing, and full of delight; it is strong, patient, faithful, prudent, long-suffering, manly, and never self-seeking.  When a man does seek himself, he forsakes love.

Love is cautious, humble, and upright; it is neither soft, fickle, nor given to trifling matters.  It is sober, chaste, steadfast, tranquil, and keeps watch over the senses.

Love is submissive and obedient to superiors, for in its own eyes it is mean and contemptible.  it si devoted and grateful to God, always trusting and hoping in Him, even when it does not taste God's sweetness.  There is no being in love where there is no sorrow!

The person who is not prepared to suffer all things and stand fast by the will of his Beloved does not deserve to be called a lover.  A lover should, for the sake of his Beloved, most willingly take on whatever is hard and bitter and never turn himself away from Him, no matter how difficult his life may be.


mail wataki