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Christian Tip Article

These are some brief articles that should help you in your Christian life and attitudes.
Please read your Bibles for the ultimate advice though. These articles below are just a beginning ground for you to start. God bless you!

1. Heart To Serve II(Revised 2001) - My first online sermon. Read it. This one definitely didn't come from my lips, but guess whose lips they came from...

2. A Heart To Serve - You should have a right heart to serve God.

3. The Prize Called Christ - The prize is available--will you take it?

4. Prayer - Its importance to living and staying strong.

5. Bible Studies - Some online bible studies that are recommended.

6. Are You Ready? - Are you sure you're going to be included in the Rapture? Come and see.

7. Dangers of Being Proud - The Dangers of Being Proud.

8. Stop Persecuting - Stop abusing, and start hearing and loving more.

9. Now That You're A Christian... - If you're a beginning Christian or a long-time Christian, here's some things you should consider doing.

10. Humility - Learn how to have humility.

11. Judging - Stop judging others! Read here and gain some onsights about yourself.

12. Divine Love - God's love is so amazing, isn't it?

13. Revival - How do we start revival? Here's some basic advice.

14. Poor In Spirit - Learn the meaning of Matthew 5:3.

15. Forgiveness - The importance of forgiveness, and why we should according to a Biblical standpoint.

16. Relationships - The very basics of relationships between male and female. DOs and DONTs.

17. The Basics - These are a list of sayings that are based on the Bible.

18. Faith, Not Works: Part 1 - Part 1 of this article deals with the basics of faith and why works AREN'T essential to salvation.

19. Faith, Not Works: Part 2 - Part 2 of this article concludes the discussion of faith, and also demonstrates how much that the Lord can use us.

20. The Importance of Intercessory Prayer - Are you an intercessor? If not, then read this.