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Right Door

A travel, a journey, through space and time
So fast I did not see
Suddenly appeared two doors
There, right in front of me

The one on the left so inviting
Spacious, big, and wide
Dark, yet golden, it beckoned me
"Come here, please come inside"

The one on the right seemed rather small
The fit seemed very tight
But this one too, it seemed to draw
With it's shining light

Most people saw what I had seen
The tempting path to take
The scramble for the unlit door
Had caused the ground to shake

I said "I'll take the easy way"
And approached the darker door
And when I saw it's seductive designs
I only wanted more

I had gotten really close
But what i saw gave me a fright
For deep withing these golden doors
Was not one ounce of light

Scared, shaken, and confused
I started to back away
Just then I felt two clammy hands
Holding me to stay

I pulled and struggled with all my might
Finally I was free
I knew right then that in the light
Was where I wanted to be

The lightened door which once had seemed
So very small and tight
Grew so much bigger as I approached
And was a marvelous sight

No words would escape my mouth
I had nothing to say
I knew, though, deep in my heart
Forever here shall I stay

Few have chosen this right door
So many chose the left
I sadden, for I know that many
Have failed this eternal test

I know what glory I shall see
Abiding in this light
And so my friends, I ask of thee
Shun the Left, choose the right