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I made a few revisions to the Heart to Serve II article.
Check out the Testimony section. Testify!!! I have...


Two new articles. One on Relationships and Forgiveness.
Also added a few new links in the Links section.
Share or read some Testimonies, and make this webpage your PC's wallpaper.

The first article of the millennium. A new article, Poor_In_Spirit,
is up. The sermon discusses the verse in Matthew 5:3: "Blessed are the poor in spirit: for they shall see the kingdom of heaven."

New! Three New Christian Tip Articles Have Been Posted.
They are About Humility, Divine Love, and Judging.

Merry Christmas! I have another sermon up, called
Revival. Not only that,
but there are some links to some useful websites that should help you spiritually.
Click here.

And, a new poem is up, and it's also called Revival.
You can submit articles and poetry by emailing me at God bless you!!!

Hello everyone! I am still around
In delight of the holiday season, I have posted my holiday sermon.
You can read it here.
While you're here, read some scriptures
To daily feed your soul.


A Message From The Webmaster: "I'm not gone, but..." Message can be seen here.

It's up! My sermon! A Heart To Serve II.
Come and read it.

Also, tell others about this website. Click here as a start. I'll be making custom banners and buttons for this website soon, so I'll let you know when those are available.

Also, read some tips while you're here to improve your Christianity, and some
Bible Scrptures while you're here. God bless you and amen!

Update: 5-14-00

Happy Mothers' Day. For the occasion, I've written a commentary on it. Read it if you want. you can find it here.

Update: 5-1-00

A new advice article, Now That You're A Christian, is now up. Read it.

There are some changes to this website. On every page there's a navigation bar, as the one to the side on this page. Use it to navigate the site.

Update: 4-16-00

A new Advice article, Stop Persecuting,
is up.

Also, while you're here, read some Scriptures that might help you with problems, or read the Bible.

Update: 4-1-00

Two New christian tip Articles: Danger of Being Proudly

Full article listing here. New! The Praise joint is up. Come by and share testimonies, stories, songs, etc.

Update: 3-16-00

New to our website are articles called Christian Tip Articles. They are brief articles
to help your Christian life. Although there are just a few now, more will be added.
More holy Scriptures have been added to the Scriptures section. Check them out! Do want to express your feelings about Jesus? Poetry or non-poetry?
Well, click here and read and/or write some poetry.