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Happy Mothers' Day

To day is Mothers' Day. So I would like to say, of course, is Happy Mothers' Day. Mothers are an important part to any society. You can't have a good famly without one. Sure, fathers bring discipline in order,but mothers bring compassion and teaches a child mercy and love. Also, mothers can be tough too. I know of some, especially those that raised me. My mom was tough but she raised me right and did a good job.

Mothers are mentioned so many times in the Bible and play an important role. There's Hannah, the mothers of Samuel; Ruth, the mother of Jesse (who later was the father of David); Elizabeth the mother of John the Baptist; and most important of all, Mary the mother of Jesus Christ. Mothers should be treated with respect, and not looked down upon. Treat women with respect because that's how God wants us to be. Mothers care for us and will always protect their children and family. Appreciate them.

Lets give them this day to celebrate a big role they've played in God's work and our society.
Happy Mother's Day.